Projects and Writing Samples by Martha O'Connell

Crain's Chicago Business Articles
11/29/1999 E-market to the world
Chicago seeks to be biz-to-biz online sales epicenter
03/06/2000 Course of action
Employers, students spur demand for e-biz programs
09/22/2003 Get the picture
Plasma TVs: A Flat Fit
04/05/1999 Shock treatment
Electricity deregulation marks new era for Illinois
03/01/2004 The Fifth Wall
Dress Up Your Ceiling
07/21/2003 Grand Cellars to Converted Closets
Best Places at Home to Store Wine
05/27/2002 Suburbs swell with new arrivals
Local governments, businesses working hard to adapt
01/28/2002 Firms aren't sold on online bidding
But Extranets improve efficiency
02/22/1999 Day of reckoning
As Jan. 1 nears, huge amount of Y2K work remains

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